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How NameDream.com works How It Works
Getting your dream domain

How NameDream.com works

Step One: Get your words

The first step is to write down a simple list of words you like.

Brainstorm words with your team, or take advantage of our free one-hour consultation to come up with more.

How NameDream.com works

Step Two: Search your words

Having obtained a list of possible words, it's time to start searching!

With an open mind, you can also browse suitable categories on NameDream.

If you're engaging our consultancy service, we can also quickly combine these words to produce a list of possible targets.

How NameDream.com works

Step Three: Trusted Checkout

We found you a domain! What happens then? We use Godaddy, one of the top companies on the Internet, for checkout for 80% of our portfolio.

This is because they are a trusted service provider. Plus, due to their unique fast transfer system, the domain is automatically assigned to your Godaddy account!

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Our mission is to assist startups, businesses, organizations and individuals turn their dream domain into a reality.

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